What You Need to Know before Mounting Your TV


One of the greatest things of the flatscreen revolution is that you can easily house your TV on the wall using the best TV wall mount saving yourself precious space in your living room. Even though most TVs come with their own stand, but modern ultra-think models really lend themselves to wall mounting. In fact, most ultra-thin models are designed with this in mind.

As long as you get it correctly, mounting your TV on the wall not only saves space, but also looks very elegant.  But for you to reap maximum benefits, you need to get the installation right. Here are some installation tips for easy and safe wall mounting your TV.

Wall and Bracket

The biggest factor when it comes to TV installation Singapore services is the wall itself. If it’s a brick, concrete or block wall, then all you need is a pencil, spirit level, plugs, screws, and a good drill bit. Things tend to be different if there is a plasterboard attached to the wall since you should avoid over-tightening the screws or it might crack. In short, factor in the wall and bracket before you get going with the TV mounting expedition.

Cable Management

Cable management is among the most ignored aspects of TV wall mounting. But this shouldn’t be the case as it is also essential. If you own a Samsung TV with a One Connect box, then there is no reason to panic because all the sources go to the box. This then connects to the TV via a single cable. Otherwise, you need at least two cables going to the TV, and maybe more.

The good news is you can always hide these cables quite easily, especially if you’ve mounted against a stud wall.  After all, you simply have to cut holes at the top and bottom and run the cables down inside the wall. You can even choose to attach face plates over the holes to give your installation a professional finish.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the things you need to know before mounting your TV on the wall. Luckily, there are plenty of TV installation Singapore services who would be happy to professionally wall mount your TV. And a number of retailers offer the same service for newly purchased TVs to save you time and money.