5G Networks: Popular Changes to the Fundamental Charging System Standards


Even though it is yet to reach full adoption, 5G network is already garnering praises from consumers and entrepreneurs alike. This new technology is set to replace the 4G LTE network despite the fact the fact that adoption can never be achieved overnight. To make it way better than LTE network, there have been 3GPP changes to the fundamental charging system standards.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with these changes as they only make the 5G wireless network more superior than its predecessors. Before you even think about making the switch, it pays off to find out more about these changes. Keep reading to uncover some of the changes to the fundamental charging system standards to better leverage them.

Service-Based Architecture

The Converged Charging System (CCS) employs the Service-Based Architecture (SBA) to ensure users always have a remarkable experience. What this simply means is that the network functions within the 5G CCS are designed as microservices. For this reason, they are capable of interacting with the external world using as Service-Based Interface (SBI).

With this new architecture, the solution is now very granular with the option to deploy only the needed microservices. It is then that it can scale them on demand before deploying them at the edge of the network, the central data center, or both. This goes a long way in providing significant flexibility and resiliency, especially in multi-location distributed cloud networks.

Charging for Network Slices, Network Access, and API Calls

You may already be aware of the fact that network slicing is by far one of the most vital use cases enabled by SGC. Keep in mind the charging for network slice tends to count on a new set of capabilities than those initially available with the traditional charging solution. This newly defined network is commonly referred to as the Charging Enablement Function (CEF) and will be an integral part of the overall 5G online charging system. Ensure you understand how it works to increase your chances of getting the most from this new set of capabilities.